The central character in King of Fear by Drew Chapman is Garrett Reilly, a bond trader who had worked for the government on a secret project which made use of his unique ability to work with numbers.  He is no longer working for the government and is mourning the death of his mentor who gave him his position on Wall Street.  When a woman assassinated the president of the New York City Federal Bank, she claimed she had been directed by Reilly to do the shooting.  This is the beginning of an effort to destroy the American economy.  With every federal agent in the country searching for Reilly, he managed to reassemble his team to find out who is trying to destroy America and why.  This is a very exciting novel that describes the ways that determined hackers can destroy a nation’s infrastructure.  The people on Reilly’s team all have interesting character defects, several that make them effective at anti-terrorism.  All sorts of tricky ways to get information are revealed.



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Tech Talk: Madefire App & Motion Books

madefireMadefire has created a FREE online reader and downloadable app to use in conjunction with their digital graphic novels called Motion Books.  Madefire is working closely with some of the worlds top graphic artists to create an interactive reading experience that incorporates sound and motion into their Motion Book stories, known as episodes. The app is currently available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Google TV devices with even more accessibility coming in the future.  This exciting new way to read digital comics and graphic novels has even caught the eye of IDW Publishing who recently switched over their 3500+ line of comics and GNs, which includes titles such at Transformers and Star Trek, to a series of apps created by Madefire and are now compatible with the Madefire app.  So check out the app and let us know what you think of Madefire’s Motion Book style. Be sure to follow the Madefire Facebook page for new release offers every Wednesday and Free downloads every Friday.


Get Help With Your New Device

Tech Connect

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The Dewitt District Library offers One-2-One Tech Connect.  These private, 20 minute training sessions are FREE and can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • Tech topics may include:
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  • Navigating your tablet or e-reader
  • Downloading ebooks and audiobooks
  • Microsoft Office programs
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  • How to find a job online
  • and much more

No matter your skill level our knowledgeable staff are here to help you plug-in, get connected, and learn the technologies of today.

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