TECH TALK: Fanfic, Take It or Leave It

fan_ficFanfiction or Fanfic has become quite the internet sensation in the last decade and with it comes new technologies to make the reading and writing of this literary context even more accessible to the masses.  If you’re not familiar with fanfiction then let me direct you to this entry on WiseGEEK.  For those of you in the know, here are a couple of apps that have recently been made available to the world of online publishing and will allow all of you fanboys and fangirls to take your fanfic with you on the go.

If you’re a reader or even writer of fanfiction you’re probably not new to  However you may be excited to know that there is now a app available for download to any of your mobile devices, making it even easier to get your fanfic fix in a flash.  The official app offers the following features:

* Stories – Browse and search for millions of stories.
* Forums – Join writing groups or converse with other readers and writers.
* Private Messaging – Enjoying private communication with other users.
* Community Archives – Start or browse story archives .
* Beta Readers – Browse and search for registered beta readers.
* User Management – Browse and manage your favorites, follows, and others.

Android Devices
iOS Devices

If the thought of reading continuation stories about Harry Potter or characters from My Little Pony doesn’t really interest you perhaps you might like access to a wealth of original online publications?  If so give the Wattpad app a try.  Wattpad is a FREE social platform for readers and writers alike to share and discover stories.  “With Wattpad, anyone can read or write on any device: phone, tablet, or computer.”