If you often associate reading with eating, I have a book for you.  Voracious by Cara Nicoletti explores why certain books are among her favorites and pairs them with recipes for meals mentioned in the books.  Nicoletti was an English Lit major who planned a different life but found herself working in the food industry, eventually becoming a butcher.  She divides the book titles which she presents according to the time of her life when she was most influenced by a particular book.  You might be inspired to read or reread a book from  Nicoletti’s insightful description of a book.  Some of the recipes provide a better understanding of just what the author had the characters eating.  Her first book and recipe is breakfast sausage in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book The Little House in the Big Woods.  A humorous pairing is clam chowder with Moby-Dick.  Cherry pie seems just a little creepy with In Cold Blood.  I hope this book will inspire you to both read something and cook something.get book button