Supposedly it takes Eight Hundred Grapes to make a glass of wine.  That is why Laura Dave chose that phrase for the title of her novel about Georgia Ford’s family and their vineyard.  When Georgia looks out the window during the final fitting for her wedding dress, she sees her fiancée walking with a beautiful actress and a small child.  It so obvious that they have a connection.  Georgia returns to the family vineyard, hoping she will get some comfort and inspiration from her parents and their long, happy marriage.  It seems that Georgia is continually faced with new revelations.  Almost nothing she thought she knew about her love life or family life is true.  This is a novel about chaos and how things do often work out for the best.  The wine and scenery descriptions get you ready for a wine tour here in Michigan.


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Helen Davis Featured Book: Paris a Love Story

parisIn my opinion, journalists often write the best books.  Kati Marton has written an enjoyable memoir, Paris a Love Story, which focuses mainly on the periods of her life which were spent in Paris.  During the sixties she was an American student at the Sorbonne.  Paris was a time of wonder and enjoyment, and then the student riots began.  After she went home she drifted into reporting, eventually becoming a TV news reporter.  When she was transferred to Bonn, Germany she met and married ABC news anchor Peter Jennings.  Time in Paris was always a part of the background.  A second marriage was to renowned diplomat Richard Holbrooke and they were frequently in Paris together.  The book is a window on an exciting, absorbing life and a beautiful and charming city.

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