The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

Lucy and Gabe meet in college in September 20lightwelost01. Young and idealistic their futures loom in front of them. This book is about love and the roads taken and not taken. Had it been up to Lucy she and Gabe would have been together forever, except that Gabe had things going on within him, things he felt he had to resolve from his upbringing. At first she thinks they can meld their careers but Gabe feels differently. As a photojournalist he goes to the most dangerous, war-torn areas in the world in the years after 9-11. Lucy stays in New York and pursues her dreams, but thinks and hears about Gabe as social media evolves. During the next thirteen years they lose touch, then reunite briefly even though Lucy marries and has 2 children. The words of this book are those of Lucy’s as she sorts through her memories of the love she cherished with Gabe. She questions her decisions, does a lot of what ifs and ultimately knows at the end, that she will always love him.


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