Always by Sarah Jio


There is nothing like thinking back on the past, wondering if someone you broke up with was the one, and you made a mistake.

Kailey Crain has lost her true love Cade. Several years ago he disappeared after some disagreements and she never knew why. Nor did she try to find out.  She just figured he left her, cutting her completely out of his life.

Now, years later, she is engaged to the man of her dreams, Ryan.

One night her eyes meet the eyes of a homeless man on the street. It is her ex-boyfriend Cade, who disappeared many years ago. Now gaunt and thin he doesn’t even respond to his name.

Kailey cannot resist her connection for Cade. After she sees him, thoughts of him and finding him will not leave her mind. She is shocked and tells all of her friends. She does not tell her fiancée. She conveniently hides her search for Cade while Ryan is out of town, probably because she knows what she is doing stems from the wrong motivation. Whatever the motivation, she does find him and solves the mystery of why he disappeared. She also gets him help, and he recovers quite quickly.

Always flows along nicely, and the characters are likable. You truly pull for a successful ending. The ending is most acceptable to readers, and the story does keep you engrossed.


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