The Girl Before by JP Delaney

girlbeforeSo many books lately with the word “girl” in the title made me wonder about this one but I was soon immersed in this psychological thriller.

Predominantly about two women, Emma and Jane, both similar in looks and both haunted by personal tragedy, who years apart, meet a mesmerizing, secretive architect Edward.

Edward owns several real estate buildings and has an extremely rigid application process for potential tenants to go through. Sample questions are, would you sacrifice yourself to save ten innocent strangers? What about ten thousand strangers? If you pass his stringent list of questions, you may have the opportunity to interview with him, and he will make the final decision about if you get to rent the apartment.

Edward is a minimalist architect. The coveted apartment is a modern, tech-savvy, austere flat that is not allowed decoration or disarray. Why would anyone want to live in a place like this? Both women seem to desire and need a semblance of control in their lives after personal tragedies. Eventually though, flaws begin to appear.

The anonymous author, JP Delaney says the story was written from personal distrust of the apparently perfect lives he sees sometimes, saying that what is seen on the surface may hide holes in the heart. The book may be brought to the screen by director Ron Howard.


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