Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer was a truly cautionary tale of a non-fiction book about a disastrous storm that took place when many climbers were attempting to ascend Mt. Everest.  The Summit by Harry Farthing is a fictional novel of two men who attempt Mr. Everest, separated by seventy years.  Neil Quinn is a successful climbing guide for Mt. Everest who has been to the top eight times.  His current client is very challenging.  Nelson Tate, Jr. is a sixteen-year-old who has already summited six of the seven highest peaks in the world.  Quinn has been hired by Nelson’s very wealthy father to get him to the top.  After the young man died on the mountain, Tate, Sr. ensures that Quinn is blackballed as a climbing guide.  Quinn returns to Europe and tries to understand how he came down the mountain with an ice axe marked with a Nazi swastika. Some incredible characters based on real life figures point him in the direction of Josef Becker, a climber sponsored by the Nazis who had tried to climb Everest before WWII.  The novel alternates the feats of these two climbers.  The story is often literally cliff hanging, but it also is a fictional historical detection of one of the legends of Everest.  The book an exciting depiction of mountain climbing, but also a vivid portrait of the era when the Nazi government attempted to display German superiority.

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