Rita’s Review: The Sixth Idea

sixThe mother and daughter team of P.J. Tracy is at it again with their latest novel, The Sixth Idea. In 1957, a group of top notch engineers and scientists combine their skills and develop a hydrogen bomb that destroys only infrastructure, not lives. In present day Minneapolis, detectives Magozzi and Rolseth are finding dead bodies everywhere, and also investigate a kidnapping. The only connection between the bodies and the kidnapping, is that they are descendants of the bomb inventors. Lydia Ascher, a remaining descendant finds two dead bodies in her basement, and upon questioning, tells the detectives of a website called the Sixth Idea. This website was designed to locate other descendants. So Magozzi and Rolseth call on the Monkeewrench team to help unravel the mystery. Each with their own unique talent, they seek to uncover a clever conspiracy in this combination detection-thriller. This is the seventh book in the great Monkeewrench series.

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