Book That Matters Most

Cover art for The book that matters most  by Hood, Ann, 1956- author.

Book clubs are often more than reading a book. They can be companionship resources, support groups and more for people who enjoy reading.

The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood is about a book club and more.

Ava’s husband has just left her after 25 years of marriage. Her good friend leads a book club so she joins because she needs people to talk to. Because she doesn’t really want to read the first book, she gets a movie about it and feels foolish during the meeting!

On book selection day, the book club members decide to each pick a book that mattered the most to them in their lives. Many of the members pick classics, or books they were reading during important events. Ava picks a book she remembers consoled her after double tragedies in her family, her young sister falling from a tree and her mother’s suicide.

The novel focuses mainly about Ava and her daughter Maggie, who is fighting a drug addiction and having relationship problems while supposedly studying in Europe.

Full of twists and an endearing character in Ava, you will find this a good book, especially for those who love literature and the written word.

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