Houston in the 1950’s provides the setting for Anton D. Sclafani’s novel The After Party.  Two little girls named Joan meet in their neighborhood of Houston’s oil-rich residents.  They become best friends,  spending all their time together until they are high school seniors. Little Cece Buchanan had to give up her name to Joan Fortier because there can’t be two girls in class with the same name.  Cece’s willingness to surrender her name foreshadows the relationship that the two girls will have.  Even though Joan became a bit of a wild child, Cece always remains ready to defend her into young adulthood.  One of the catty criticisms floating around their exclusive social group is why Joan doesn’t have a husband and at least one child by the time she is twenty-five.  This seemed like almost the perfect portrayal of the expectations for wealthy young women in a city like Houston at this time.  Although the two young women try to remain close, life is beginning to divide them.  The novel explores family relationships and friendships.  It can be surprising which can be stronger and more enduring.  The reveal at the end of the book explains why so many confusing actions were taken.

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Temporary Closure


The Library’s renovation project is ahead of schedule!  Our construction crews have been working hard and things came together quicker than expected.   Check out this sneak-peek video of all the changes that have happened so far.

It’s now time for new paint and carpet.  This means the library will be temporarily closing sooner than expected.

We will be closed

Monday, September 26th – Sunday, October 9th

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For your convenience and ours, any items that you check out next week prior to the library closing will have an extended due date of October 14th.  We ask that you either return your checked out items prior to our closing date or hold on to them until after we reopen.

Keep in mind that because we are ahead of schedule with construction, our renovation project will not actually be complete on the day we reopen.  We will be missing many of our custom made furniture pieces as well as the redesigned service desk.  These pieces are on schedule and will be added into the renovated space in the weeks after we reopen.

We will be announcing a Grand Reopening day to be scheduled after the entire makeover project is complete.

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Rita’s Review: The Sixth Idea

sixThe mother and daughter team of P.J. Tracy is at it again with their latest novel, The Sixth Idea. In 1957, a group of top notch engineers and scientists combine their skills and develop a hydrogen bomb that destroys only infrastructure, not lives. In present day Minneapolis, detectives Magozzi and Rolseth are finding dead bodies everywhere, and also investigate a kidnapping. The only connection between the bodies and the kidnapping, is that they are descendants of the bomb inventors. Lydia Ascher, a remaining descendant finds two dead bodies in her basement, and upon questioning, tells the detectives of a website called the Sixth Idea. This website was designed to locate other descendants. So Magozzi and Rolseth call on the Monkeewrench team to help unravel the mystery. Each with their own unique talent, they seek to uncover a clever conspiracy in this combination detection-thriller. This is the seventh book in the great Monkeewrench series.

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The House of Dreams by Kate Lord Brown is a fictionalized account of Air-Bel, a villa in Marseilles, France.  During the early part of WWII, the American Relief Center worked to relocate refugees out of Vichy controlled Marseilles to protect them from Nazi arrest.  These people were usually on a list as a “degenerate” artist or someone who had been politically critical of Nazism.  Varian Fry was the American journalist who ran the organization that got so many people to safety.  The fictional character which the novel focuses on is the renowned artist Gabriel Lambert.  He had been provided with an escape route to the US.  He is now in his nineties and has become a recluse.  Sophie Cass is a New York City journalist who is hoping for an exclusive, revealing interview about the WWII era relationship which he had with her great aunt.  Flashbacks tell the story of the real Varian Fry’s heroic efforts and reveal a very complex secret that the fictional artist Lambert had kept for all his life.


With Love from the Inside


Sophie lies when she tells her husband both parents are dead. Her mother, Grace Bradshaw, is still alive and on death row for killing Sophie’s baby brother seventeen years ago.

Grace has filed as many appeals as she can. Her husband has died after many years of trying to prove his wife innocent of killing their baby son. She has had nothing but time to contemplate her fate, and time to write a journal for Sophie about her memories. This book is not really about the death penalty that Graces faces. It is about the love a mother has for her child. For Grace has not heard from Sophie for years! Time is ticking for any reconciliation.

This book written by Angela Pisel has hope and it has tears. Whether readers are for the death penalty or not the book causes you to think, what if.

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Book That Matters Most

Cover art for The book that matters most  by Hood, Ann, 1956- author.

Book clubs are often more than reading a book. They can be companionship resources, support groups and more for people who enjoy reading.

The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood is about a book club and more.

Ava’s husband has just left her after 25 years of marriage. Her good friend leads a book club so she joins because she needs people to talk to. Because she doesn’t really want to read the first book, she gets a movie about it and feels foolish during the meeting!

On book selection day, the book club members decide to each pick a book that mattered the most to them in their lives. Many of the members pick classics, or books they were reading during important events. Ava picks a book she remembers consoled her after double tragedies in her family, her young sister falling from a tree and her mother’s suicide.

The novel focuses mainly about Ava and her daughter Maggie, who is fighting a drug addiction and having relationship problems while supposedly studying in Europe.

Full of twists and an endearing character in Ava, you will find this a good book, especially for those who love literature and the written word.

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Behind Closed Doors

CoCover art for Behind closed doors  by Paris, B. A., author.ntrol issues with a sinister twist are the basic themes throughout this first novel, Behind Closed Doors written by B. A .Paris.

Jack and Grace are the perfect couple on the surface, but within the confines of their own home, life is a different story. This novel will keep you riveted. It also leaves plenty of room for your imagination. Jack has devious plans in store for Grace’s handicapped sister Millie. Grace is in a race with time and her wits to save her. She must use all her intelligence and resources to gain the upper hand in a battle for good. This book allows you to dwell on the forms and degrees of control after reading it. Even though the topic is rather uncomfortable, the story is creepy and seductive and reels you in.

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