The London Blitz gives atmosphere and seriousness to Chris Cleave’s novel Everyone Brave is Forgiven.  Mary North leaves finishing school on the day war is declared and signs up to volunteer in any capacity.  Her assignment is to work at a school even though she has no experience teaching.  While she is working at organizing children who are evacuated from London, she meets Tom Shaw, a school administrator, and becomes involved with him.  Tom’s roommate Alistair Heath enlists in the Army very early in the war.  The novel alternates between these characters and the situations they are in from 1939 to 1942.  It touches on so many of the things that happened to people; the Blitz, evacuation of children, wartime shortages, and hazardous training exercises.  In spite of these topics, it still showcases the humor that is necessary for people to survive and stay sane during such a terrible time.  This is a wartime novel that focuses on people and relationships rather than the war.



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