We Could Be Beautiful by Swan Huntley is the haunting novel of a NYC woman’s search for a perfect life partner.  Catherine West leads an exquisite life.  She has money, beauty, a small business, and an active social life.  Her only problem is that at 43 she has not met a man who meets her exacting standards.  It seems that problem has been solved when she meets William Stockton.  He seems like the perfect partner, with a good job, good looks, and he is very attracted to her.  While      talking about their histories, they realize that they have a family connection.  When Catherine asks her mother what she remembers about William, she expects that her mother’s answer will be clouded by Alzheimer’s.  She is surprised by how vehemently her mother reacts to William’s name.  The only coherent reason for her dislike is that William broke a valuable vase when visiting with his parents.  Catherine certainly doesn’t see that as a good reason to break up a wonderful romance.  Trouble begins after their marriage.  When Catherine suddenly has no money, some very unexpected facts emerge about William.  The book is an absorbing look at the lives of wealthy New Yorkers and has a surprise twist at the end.


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