It is the beginning of May 1937 and you are a passenger on a zeppelin, the Hindenburg, on a flight from Berlin to New Jersey.  The novel Flight of Dreams by Ariel Lawhon fictionalizes that last, fatal flight.  The characters include an angry American businessman, the first woman stewardess on a zeppelin, a German female reporter who has just had her press card revoked, and an eager young cabin boy.  The Hindenburg has been used as German propaganda to showcase the technological marvels that the Nazi regime can manufacture.  The novel’s characters are just beginning to realize what a threat to personal freedom the Nazis can be.  The reporter wonders if her reporting privileges were curtailed because of her Jewishness instead of her controversial stories.  Widowhood has given the stewardess a Germanic name, but her maiden name is Jewish.  She is planning to remain in America after the airship lands.  An accurate explanation for the Hindenburg disaster has never been established, so Lawhon has used artistic license to create a possible answer to the question of what caused the explosion.

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