The novel The Midnight Watch by David Dyer is a very different approach to the Titanic story.  It focuses on the crew of the Californian which was supposedly a ship that had been close to the Titanic when the boat went down but did not respond to distress rockets that were fired into the sky.  A Boston journalist, John Steadman, who was known for his ability to portray the victims of tragedies, was investigating just what happened that night.  When the story first broke, newspapers even printed that the ship had hit an iceberg, but had only been slightly damaged and was being towed into port.  It took time for the complete and accurate story to unfold.  Steadman’s editor was pressuring him to go to press with a story about the victims, but he just didn’t feel the captain of the Californian was properly explaining why his ship had not gone to Titanic’s rescue.  Two of the Californian’s crew felt pressured by their captain to not fully disclose what had happened that night.  The character’s reactions are fictionalized, but many of the actions are fact based and carefully researched by the author.  If you are fascinated by the Titanic’s story, this humanizes a part of the story which is usually only briefly mentioned when the tragic night is detailed.

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