It’s always a special treat to read a well written book set in Michigan.  Joseph Heywood has been writing for fifteen years about Grady Service, a “Woods Cop”, or conservation officer who works in the Upper Peninsula.  Buckular Dystrophy is the newest book in the series.  It follows Grady around through a hunting season.  From November 15th to November 30th most of the men in the Upper Peninsula are suffering from what conservation officers call buckular dystrophy or deer killing disease. It seems that all the hunters will do anything possible to get the biggest buck and the most deer possible.  Michigan hunting laws are fairly simple and straightforward, but some hunters feel the laws shouldn’t apply to them.  This is the year that Grady managed to write sixty-eight violation tickets at one deer camp, uncovered a deer-for-bucks scam, and had his garage firebombed.  The bigger question is, why are there reduced numbers of large bucks even seen in the last few years.  Many hunters blame it on wolves, but the experts say that isn’t the answer.  Grady and a very unusual new partner are on the case.

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