Americans are now reading more Australian fiction, mainly thanks to the popularity of Liane Moriarty’s stories.  An enjoyable if somewhat formulaic book is Helen Brown’s novel, Tumbledown Manor.  Lisa Trumperton’s very pleasant life collapsed like a broken mirror in the middle of a birthday celebration for one of the big years ending in zero.  A huge bouquet with a very sexually suggestive message was delivered to her during her party.  Unfortunately, the card was addressed to a certain someone else.  As a result, her husband was quickly out on the street.  Lisa had to figure out what to do with the rest of her life.  She went to visit her son and her sister in Australia.  The two sisters had grown up there, so even though her parents were dead, it felt like going home to Lisa.  When she realized her grandparents’ home was on the market, Lisa felt compelled to have the house.  How she tries to fix up a large, dilapidated Victorian house, meets a few available men, and develops a great relationship with her grown son create a pleasant if undemanding read.


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