Chris Bohjalian is an extremely skilled writer in that he never does the same book twice.  Each of his novels is a unique story, but the skilled writing is always there.  The Guest Room could be considered a thriller/suspense.  Richard Chapman decides to throw a bachelor party for his younger brother.  In an attempt to keep the party at a certain level of decorum, he hosts the party at his suburban home instead of in a New York City club.  He could not have made a bigger mistake.  The entertainment hired by his brother’s friend is brought to his house by members of the Russian mob.  When the two Russian mobsters are killed by the girls they had supplied for the party, everyone’s life is irrevocably altered.  Richard’s house is a crime scene complete with all that ugliness and horror.  Richard’s wife is VERY angry at him after the sexual details of the party are disclosed.  This event has so much negative publicity that the investment firm Richard works for puts him on executive leave and his employment future becomes a question mark.  Also, when mob figures are killed, those who were at the bachelor party may have their lives threatened.  Exactly who were the men that were killed and what kind of revenge will be taken?

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