Rita’s Review: No Safe Secret

no safe secretNo Safe Secret is Fern Michael’s latest book, and a stand-alone. The story begins in Florida with Maddy Carmichael and her twin brother Marcus. They live in a run- down house trailer with a drunken mother, not enough food or money, and no father. Maddy works and saves enough money for a car and a prom dress. Her charming brother pays his friends to drag Maddy behind the high school bleachers, and have their way with her, on prom night. After the ordeal, Maddy takes her meager savings and decides to leave Florida. On her way out of town she runs into the group who took advantage of her – literally.

Scared out of her mind, Maddy drives until she reaches Massachusetts. She changes her name to Molly and begins a new chapter in her life. She meets a doctor with two young sons, marries, and they have a daughter. Then she gets the call. Someone tells her they know what happened that night. Leaving her family, and her beautiful home, Molly heads back to the scene of the crime. Having kept the prom dress all these years, she hopes for some small slice of justice. Will she find it, or end up in jail? Read No Safe Secret and find out.

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