A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable starts out sounding like an average chic lit type of book.  April Vogt is a furniture expert working for Sotheby’s New York office who specializes in 18th and 19th century continental furniture.  She is sent to Paris to help evaluate the contents of an apartment that has been shuttered for over seventy years.  April is very willing to take working month in Paris.  In addition to an intriguing professional challenge, this time away from home will give her space to evaluate her troubled marriage.  In spite of the dust and cobwebs, the apartment is a treasure trove.  There is a piece of furniture that belonged to Marie Antoinette and many items of similar value.  The apartment tenant had been a hoarder, but her hoardings hadn’t been stacks of old newspaper.  One of the finds is an unknown portrait done by a famous artist.  April accidentally found a diary that had been written by the apartment’s tenant.  This diary is interspersed with the April’s story so we learn the history of the acquisition of all the apartment’s beautiful things.  The book is a complex story of love lost and found and a pleasurable course in art history.

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