If you decide to read The Bronze Horseman by Paullna Simons, prepare for a reading commitment even longer than that required to get through Gone With the Wind.  There are strong similarities between the two novels.  The Bronze Horseman is the story of a young Russian couple separated by World War II.   This is the first book in a trilogy and the story is left unfinished until the last book.  Just after the German invasion of Russia, seventeen year old Tatiana Metanova meets Alexander Belov.  Their attraction is irresistible although Alexander had been dating Tatiania’s older sister.  After Alexander is called to the front, Tatiana is left to endure the siege of St. Petersburg with her family.  Their struggles against cold and hunger are so well detailed that you will feel grateful for the next slice of bread that you eat. There are occasionally improbable events and meetings, but this novel will give an American insight about how much the Russian people suffered during World War II and still provide an entertaining and engrossing story.

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