Do you know that only three people have been killed in the US by a nuclear accident?  Do you know that one of them is buried in Michigan?  The Longest Night by Andria Williams is a fictional treatment of a reactor meltdown that occurred at a military base in Idaho Falls on January 3, 1961.  Natalie and Paul Collier moved to Idaho Falls because Paul was stationed there to oversee an early experimental nuclear reactor.  This was a small unit in a silo sized building which was a prototype that the army intended to use in remote locations for power generation.  Paul became concerned about the way the unit was run and wondered about the safety of the installation.  When he was temporarily sent to another area, Natalie as a young wife new to military life became a little too dependent on a local.  The novel is a vivid depiction of the regimented life of the 50s dramatically culminating in the nuclear meltdown.  After you have read the novel, look up that long night on the internet.  Good fiction makes you curious about reality.


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