Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth was originally published in Great Britain in 2002.  It has been republished in the US due to the popularity of the PBS television series of the same name.  Jennifer Worth was training as a midwife in a disadvantaged London district during the 50’s.  She was based in a convent called Nonnatus House in the London Docklands.  The area was in transition so the people who are served by the midwives are extremely diverse.  The fifties were a time when hospital births were just beginning to become common, except among the poor.  The description of the nuns, the patients, and students is very well done.  One patient has had twenty-three children.  One very young woman needs to be rescued from a pimp.  The characters are so well drawn that you travel from a birth in unbelievably squalid conditions to joining young men climbing a six story ladder for a warm spot to spend the night.  What an entertaining non-fiction story!  Read and/or watch the book and/or DVD.

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