Pepper Schuyler needs a large amount of money to take care of herself and the baby she is carrying.  The father, a well-known, married politician is not going to support her.  She restored a 1936 Mercedes that had been abandoned in a shed on her sister’s Cape Cod property.  When she puts it up for auction, she is amazed to receive an offer of three hundred thousand dollars contingent on the sale remaining private.  Annabelle Dommerich, the car’s new owner, has a secretive past that connects her to the car.  Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams interweaves the story of these two women, each one who fell in love with an inappropriate man.  The storyline of the novel goes from early Nazi Germany to Florida in the sixties.  Amanda becomes very protective of Pepper, trying to pass along some of the life lessons she learned during a love affair made up of difficult choices.  A couple of twists at the end may surprise you or you may have wondered if they were possible.  Don’t peek, just go along for the ride, especially in the Mercedes.

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