ISIS isn’t the first Muslim entity to declare war on the United States.  Something similar happened to our country over two hundred years ago.  Brian Kilmeade and Don Yeager describe what happened in their non-fiction book Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates.  This is the first war that the United States became involved in after independence had been established.  The Barbary States were an organization of North African governments.  Morocco was an independent kingdom and Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli had a semi-formal connection with the Ottoman Empire.  These nations sanctioned piracy that operated against any shipping in the Mediterranean Sea and along any shoreline that was reachable by their small, but dangerous boats.  Great Britain and France, the two major world powers of the time, had decided that it simply was easier to pay protection money instead of going to war.  As Muslims, these pirates believed it was their duty to destroy any infidel so they were extremely cruel to sailors that were taken prisoner.  The ransom that was demanded was far too high for an emerging country to be able to pay.  Gradually the United States managed to wage effective war.  When communication could take close to a year to get to ship captains, it is amazing what was accomplished.

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