Following your dreams for a food journalist will always involve tasting magnificent flavors.  In Vintage by David Baker we meet Bruno Tannenbaum whose writing career has virtually ended.  He wrote one best seller about matching meals to episodes in your life, but nothing that he wrote later had that appeal.  He made a living as a food critic, but greed and laziness eventually ended his employment.  Shortly after he was fired, he found a cork that may have come from one bottle of a historical cache of wine.  These bottles were commandeered by the Nazis at the end of WWII and provoked searches all over the world for these legendary wines.  Bruno is a character who often makes poor personal choices but his instinct for food and wine is point on.  When he begins his search for these bottles, he imposes on his old and new contacts for either money or information.  He hopes to create a new best seller that will resurrect his reputation.  Although he has many unattractive qualities, he still can charm family and acquaintances into helping him.  The convoluted quest takes Bruno back to a place where family, food, and wine are the prime ingredients.


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