Helen Davis Featured Book: Tightrope



Tightrope by Simon Mawer is a novel that opens a window on modern history and fictional characters who became cold war warriors.  Marian Sutro was one of the few British women who became an undercover agent, parachuting into France to work with the Resistance.  Unfortunately, she was captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbrueck concentration camp.  She was debriefed extensively as part of the process of gathering information that could be used to prosecute criminals following the war.  Her adjustment to civilian life back home with her parents was difficult.  Eventually a job was found for her at an agency that worked to promote world peace.  Her brother was a scientist with some knowledge of atomic research,  That slight connection sets Marion up for betrayal.  Ever since her capture, she has feared betrayal.  The characters play some of the classic roles of the spy and counterspy as attitudes and knowledge concerning a world with powerful new weapons of mass destruction develop.

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