What happens to a family when the major breadwinner has a melt down?  In A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan, Alice Pearse’s husband becomes so angry when he learns he will not make partner at his law firm that he throws a laptop across the room.  When he decides to open his own law practice, Alice needs to go to work full time.  Her new job is at a company that hopes to revolutionize bookstores across the country.  Although she is reasonably competent, she has not fully embraced advancing technology.  Scroll is a company that will only stock ebooks which mildly dismays Alice.  She struggles to keep up with younger colleagues, trying to understand why they wouldn’t love the solid feel of a physical book.  She is exhausted by trying to combine a parent’s duties with working in an environment that is so challenging.  When an even greater change is planned at Scroll, Alice needs to decide what her future will be.  This novel is exhausting to read as it follows how difficult life is for Alice.  In ways it may be a mother’s worst nightmare.

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