If you enjoy legal thrillers, especially ones with some sex and humor, then you must read The Jezebel Remedy by Martin Clark.  Lisa and Joe Stone are law partners in a small Virginia town.  They have been successful and happy for twenty years.  Most of their cases deal with minor issues and they have learned very well how to navigate small town politics.  Joe works with one client who particularly annoys Lisa.  Lettie VanSandt files frivolous lawsuits and changes her will almost weekly.  Although she is the town’s eccentric, Joe and Lisa are shocked when she dies while she is apparently cooking meth.  Another shocker is that at the time of her death, a will is in place which leaves everything to Joe.  When a nephew shows up (who was occasionally an inheritor), Joe turns everything over to him.  A drug company shows interest in one of Lettie’s “poultices”.  Then all the legal maneuvering begins and Joe is facing disbarment.  What if Lettie is still alive?  A twisty plot and colorful character make this a great read.


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