Madeleine’s War by Peter Watson tells the story of a war hero of a type that literature usually doesn’t feature.  In fact the actions of the women similar to the fictional Madeleine were not disclosed until many years after WWII ended.  Madeleine is part of a small group undergoing secret training at a remote location in Scotland.  They have been recruited to join Churchill’s Special Operations Executive to work with the French Resistance and to send reports back to England.  They have become spies with only a fifty/fifty chance of surviving the war.  Matt Hammond had been a spy in France until he was injured and lost a lung so he became a trainer.  He works with very small groups, but the training is intense.  He is brutal to his students because he hopes that thorough training will mean they will live to come home.  Madeleine becomes a very special recruit for him.  She is sent to France just before D-Day even though it is understood many of the Resistance rings have been infiltrated.  The spy techniques, the interpersonal relationships, real war events, and Winston Churchill give so much reality to this novel.get book button


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