Got Coupons?

Attention coupon shoppers: the Dewitt District Library is having a coupon swap Thursday evening, May 21st from 6 to 7:45.

People are encouraged to bring coupons they won’t use to the library’s meeting room and offer them for others to take. In turn, attendees can pick up any they might find useful themselves.   Both coupons from manufacturers and stores are welcomed, as well as unwanted items from coupon books.

The coupon swap, a recent addition to the library program calendar, is a regularly scheduled program that meets the third Thursday of each month and is organized by local couponer Emily Hakes.   The swap not only provides an opportunity for individuals to exchange coupons but Emily also provides participants with tips on how to get started, staying organized and for finding the best deals.

If you are unable to attend the coupon swap event, you may still participate in the ongoing coupon exchange by dropping off your unwanted clipped coupons in the box in the library lobby.  To participate, clip or print those Sunday coupons and bring in the ones you don’t need.  Leave your extras in the coupon box and take the ones you will be able to use on your next shopping trip.

Newly expired coupons can also be of help.  Through a special program, expired coupons can be used by military families overseas. The Dewitt District Library has adopted the US Navy base in Otsego, Japan.   The expired coupons are mailed to the Navy Base where they are made available to military families at the Family Service Center.


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